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Jiangsu Province-Suzhou City-Huqiu District
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Full time
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1-3 years
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Regular college
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2018/08/21 21:25
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Let the faith persist and the dream will come true.
Probationary period salary of 4000+ (15%-20%) commission + bonus (trial period of one month)
After the change, the basic salary (5000-8000) + (25% -30%) commission + bonus (cash reward 20,000 yuan and electronic product rewards: mobile phone, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, etc.)
1. Free admission to the office, no fees. (Dorm facilities are complete, clean and hygienic, available 24 hours hot water)
2. Comprehensive professional training courses. In the early stage of work, the company will arrange one-on-one training guidance for sales supervisors.
3. Pay the corresponding five risks for all employees in accordance with national regulations.
4. Year-end awards, regular dinners, employee birthdays, holiday gifts, and travel.
Promotion: Sales Representative - Sales Supervisor - Sales Director - Sales Deputy Manager - Manager. All managers are internally promoted and never hired;