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Die casting mold design steps

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The design steps of the die-casting mold are as follows:
1. Process analysis of die castings, including alloy, casting structure and technical analysis of die castings;
2. Process design, including parting surface, gate location, pouring and draining system, number of cavities, core-pulling scheme and quantity, die-casting part ejection scheme, die casting machine selection, etc.
3. Pouring and draining system design. Including process parameter determination, calculation of ingate size, shape and size determination of the gating system, and calculation of the position and size of the slag bag;
4. Die casting mold structure design. Including the design of inserts, cavities, cores, ejection, cooling water, heating pipes, etc.
5. The design of the general drawing of the die-casting mold.
6. Design of die-casting mold parts.  
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